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The Asset-Based Community Development Institute (ABCD) is at the center of a large and growing movement that considers local assets as the primary building blocks of sustainable community development. Building on the skills of local residents, the power of local associations, and the supportive functions of local institutions, asset-based community development draws upon existing community strengths to build stronger, more sustainable communities for the future.

We invite you to learn about the institute and its work in the university and community context. Please also visit our staff and faculty pages, and become acquainted with our many community partners. We hope you will join us in building strong communities.

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Inaugural Meeting of ABCD Europe

Sitges, Near Barcelona, Spain
January 31 – February 2, 2014

In Europe, interest in ABCD has been growing at a remarkable pace for several years. We have inspiring stories to share and a growing band of experienced supporters and practitioners who are at the very heart of citizen led action across Europe.

Cormac Russell and I were therefore delighted to be invited by John McKnight and others to launch a European arm which is formally affiliated with the ABCD Institute.

Twenty colleagues and friends from Spain, England, Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands will be gathering in Spain at the end of this month as guests of the Sitges City Council and Salud y Familia.

Our purpose will be to get to know each other better and to join together to refine our vision and ensure that ABCD Europe develops as a mutually supportive enterprise, mindful that we are part of a global movement and proud to be affiliated with the ABCD Institute. From this gathering we will convene the first faculty of ABCD Europe. We will post the names and biographies of the faculty in the coming weeks.

Martin Simon, Co-Director ABCD Europe

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ABCD Community Story

Our Town Rocks
People's daily lives affect their health in countless ways — from the sense of safety and connection to neighbors, to the availability of healthy food, to access to green space and fresh air. And when a neighborhood is inspired to improve from the inside out by building on strengths rather than dwelling on needs, it can realize improved physical, social and economic health. The S2AY Rural Health Network, a regional health agency, set out on a long-term project to help residents of rural Yates County, New York, kick-start their community. The agency brought residents together and helped them discover their own strengths, and Our Town RoCKS, short for “Raising our Community, especially our Kids, to be Strong," was born.

Click here to learn more about Our Town RoCKS

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