The Asset-Based Community Development Institute has helped launch ABCD networks across the United States and around the world. These networks utilize the principles and practices associated with asset-based community development in their work, and provide a variety of kinds of support to community builders in their regions.

ABCD in Action Network

ABCD in Action is an online "community of practice" for those practicing or just interested in ABCD principles. A great place to ask questions, share stories and grow as a community, ABCD In Action provides opportunities to interact with ABCD practitioners around the globe. Join us on today and start sharing!

ABCD Europe Network

ABCD Europe is a place to discuss, share and deepen ways to apply the principles and practices of Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) and other strengths-based approaches. The idea was hatched at the first ABCD European summit in Liverpool, where we were joined by 150 ABCD enthusiasts from the Netherlands, the UK and Ireland. Today we know that there are enthusiasts across Europe who recognise that there is more to a good life than services and more at stake than money.

Asia Pacific ABCD Network

Australia now hosts the active Asia Pacific ABCD Network, formally staffed by ABCD faculty member Ted Smeaton and supported effectively by Judi Geggie and the Family Action Centre at the University of Newcastle and Peter Kenyon at the Bank of Ideas.

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